Monday, December 19, 2005

Office tales

OMG…someone in my office brought in the most delicious toffee I have ever had in my life from Lands' End.
If you don’t like toffee, then this might not be the best thing to try. But for anyone who even remotely likes toffee, then you have to try some. It literally melted in my mouth and was so amazingly good. So if you are lacking on gift ideas this holiday season, then look no further (I found a gift for myself since I have been so good and all). Who would have thought that a company known mostly for its clothing had an edible line.

We got our new business cards (after having been in the new office for about 3 months). It seems like such a waste of paper since the only thing that changed was our suite number. This time I only got one box (thankfully) instead of the three boxes I got when I started. I never use the cards for actual business correspondences. Instead, I give them out to family and friends and also use them as scrap paper.

The woman in the office next to me was wrapping gifts all day. There are just some sounds that are unmistakable when occurring together. I am glad we are at the end of the long hall, away from heavy foot traffic and watchful eyes. It allows me to get away with a lot. Did I mention I have a lock on my door too?
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