Thursday, December 15, 2005

It’s my Man-Bag, baby

I don’t carry a purse because it is a way too girly thing for me to do. My policy is, “if it does not fit in my pockets, then I don’t need it.” [begin side rant] Speaking of pockets, why doesn’t women’s clothing have functional pockets??? I hate the little pockets in pants that barely fit a tube of lip balm, let alone keys. Don’t even get me started on suit jackets that have something that looks like a pocket, but really isn’t (I ended up tearing the thing open anyway and had a huge pocket that was really the lining area and therefore could potentially lose things in the back of the jacket). [end side rant]

Recently, MKD alerted me of a purse that I would actually consider sporting around…

It has brass (or silver) knuckles as the handle that can be popped off the top in case a serious beat down transpires. Functional, practical, and stylish. A girl like me could get used to this sort of thing.
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