Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dork Update

So if you go into the Archives section for March, and read the first entry entitled, “Case of the Muundays,” you will see where I was 9 months ago in terms of slacking at work. Since then, there has been more slacking and game playing, and there are a few updated stats.

Minesweeper times have improved (Beginner: 8 seconds, Intermediate: 52 seconds; and Expert: 180 seconds).

In FreeCell, I am at game #901. I skipped over game #865 because I just could not beat it. So if you or someone you know has beaten this particular game, email me and HELP!

On a side note, when I went to the old post to see what my old stats were, I noticed someone (“sonic the hedgehog”…great game btw) had commented just 8 days ago. Unfortunately, I do not have an “upgraded” HaloScan account (other perks of upgrading include having more comments displayed than the 200 or so cap), so I am not emailed if someone comments on any of my entries, old or new. If I had not written this “Dork Update” when I did, the comment from this person would have been lost and undiscovered by me forever. Looks like I will have to throw hard earned bucks HaloScan’s way. Bastards.
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