Monday, November 07, 2005

“These are a few of my favorite things…”

One word that I have been favoring as of late is “fuck.” It is such a great word as long as you are not some freaky goody two-shoes who uses words like “poopy” instead of “shit,” and goes to confession for using “damn” in extreme cases.

“Fuck” is appropriate for all sorts of situations in my life. Its uses range from conveying something really good and amazing to something really horrible that makes me want to bash my brains in. Nevertheless, it is the manner and intonation in which it is spoken that really drives the usage of the word home. One-syllable words are easy to get out and absorb. Plus, this particular word seems to be more deviant and naughty than other commonly used curse words like “son of a bitch (or variations)” and “shit.” “Fuck” is really one of those multifarious words that I can apply to almost any situation and use in every uttered sentence.

[The juxtaposition of “The Sound of Music” title and the topic of the blog is highly amusing to my twisted being. Fuck yeah!]
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