Thursday, October 13, 2005

In addition to road rage…

Living in a congested area means spending a lot of time in the car commuting and getting around in general. After a while, you see it all…people getting head while driving, people picking their noses and eating it…you get the idea. But one thing that is really prevalent around here is personalized license plates. I cannot go from point A to point B without seeing at least five vanity plates. I enjoy the funny/amusing ones, and despise the ones I cannot figure out (as I ponder it for a longer amount of time than I care to admit). But the other day, I saw the most retarded personalized license plate ever…“I BLOG.” Come on, people…seriously? Where are the funny ones like, “IB6 UB9” or “NE14RL6?” (In case you cannot figure them out, the first one is read out, “I be 6, you be 9” and the second one is, “Anyone for oral sex?”) Or the bad ass ones like, “BITE ME” or “PHUK U?” (I hope you do not need those deciphered)

If you are going to shell out the extra money for personalized license plates, then at least put some thought into it and make it good. Sheesh.
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