Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Let The River Run*

At work, we finally moved and as of yesterday, I am in my new window office. I have a nice view of a children’s playground and a grassy knoll of a high-rise luxury apartment building.

The first thing I did before settling in was clean EVERYTHING. So many people had used the furniture before me that there were bits of food, hair, and undistinguishable grossness here and there. I disinfected my office so now it will only be my filth filling the room.

My office is oddly shaped, which caused some hardcore brainpower in figuring out the furniture placement. I went with the executive look with my desk facing the door because I hate people sneaking up on me and I despise people trying to see what is on my monitor when they walk by. I realized just how much of a minimalist I am and did not want the usual furniture items. I did not want a bookcase, but one was forced on me, so that remains pretty empty unlike my bookshelves at home. I have so many empty drawers that will probably never be used. I really do not like clutter and I like things neat and tidy. My boss said that he felt like he was in a principal’s office when he visited. I am okay with that. But once I get some pictures up and dork crap displayed, the ambiance should change significantly.

*Bonus points if you know why I titled this post seemingly obscure.
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