Friday, September 23, 2005

The drowned rat

I gave the kitty a bath the other night. I know cats do not typically like baths, but he needed a bath because he probably has never gotten one, and smelled like kitten spittle (which had a fragrance a bit like cinnamon). Plus, I think Molly and I are slightly allergic to his dander, so bathing him definitely cuts down on that.

At first, he dug his claws into my chest when he saw the watery depths I was going to plunge him in. But I managed to get him in the water and start soaking his coat. He mewed so pitifully the whole time in constant and regular intervals. The poor dog was freaking out outside the bathroom door because she thought I was drowning her “baby” (our dog gets really protective of things smaller and more helpless than she is). I kept telling little Angus things like, “It’s okay,” and “Calm down,” in my best motherly voice. I dumped the kitty shampoo on and lathered as quickly as possible, then rinsed him. He was good overall and I did not come away from this adventure with any battle wounds or trauma.

The best part was when I took him out of the water and wrapped him up in a towel. He finally started purring and sat really still on my lap while I dried him. Angus was very content and wanted me to dry him completely (which took a good hour of rubbing) before he started licking himself and stinking his fur up again.

I figure I will bathe him monthly in hopes that he will get used to it and also to keep the dander under control. I have noticed a difference and have not had my weird coughing fits that result from a tickle in my throat, or any sneezing attacks for the past couple of days. Plus, the shampoo makes him smell really good and reminds me of Celestial Musk body oil. MKD felt bad for the little guy but knows if he is to live with us, he will have to get used to my cleanliness standards.
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