Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Call me Angus

We named the kitty Angus, and call him Gus for short. Of course, Molly’s sister had to name the kitty and tacked on “McKitty.” So Angus McKitty has a Scottish accent now.

He is SO adorable and very affectionate. The first night he arrived, he cuddled under my arm all night long and purred. He has a very loud purr and a very weak/sad meow. His meow is more like, “Mew-ew-ew.”

Gus’s head is small and his ears are large. He also has the most unusual stripes and markings. We intend to fatten him up because he is pretty skinny. But maybe he is meant to be a long and lanky cat.

The next day from when we adopted Gus, he stayed under the bed for the majority of it. He really does not like Mikie and is frightened by our hyper dog who really wanted to play with him. So he still hisses at her, but I think is getting used to the dog and will now venture close to bat at her tail while she is sleeping.

By the evening of the second day, Gus was onto exploring the apartment and tearing across the floor and playing with all his toys. I am glad that he knows where his food and water are (even though I caught him drinking out of the dog’s bowl) and also where the litter box is (no accidents…yet).

Gus loves to be loved and will lick, and paw, and knead, and purr. He rests his head under your chin and holds onto you like a baby. You would have to be heartless (or highly allergic) to not become attached to him. I am sure he is going to become rambunctious and mess things up and be annoying, but for now I squeeze and smother him in love.

MKD and I now have matching pets that are practically the same colors and are both needy. But there is lots of love to give and receive. I miss my “babies” and wish I didn’t have to go to work and be away from them. It is especially hard leaving in the mornings. This morning, Gus was curled up under a blanket on the couch and Michal was next to him. So I took a picture of this to go with the million pictures taken so far of the kitty doing anything and nothing. After all, I am a new parent and they grow up so fast.
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