Friday, August 12, 2005

The disconcerted Apple

My new deodorant smells really good and I must look like Otto from “A Fish Called Wanda,” when I smell my pits randomly. The pleasing fragrant smell perplexed me because it was so familiar…

Then it hit me. My mom has a perfume that smells EXACTLY like my new deodorant. Strange, on so many levels. I am sure Freud and other Neo-Freudians would have a field day. But it could be an innocent coincidence that didn’t involve any level of consciousness, really.

Why did St. Ives have to stop making my favorite deodorant many, many years ago? Sigh. I should have stocked up had I known they were discontinuing it. In a fit of desperation, I recently wrote to the customer service department inquiring about the product. I got an email back saying that they yanked it due to low demand and no longer have it in any of their warehouses, but that they would relay my request to their products department for future lines. Double sigh.

After the disappointing interaction, I realized that I was one of those people that actually wrote to a company that employees later make fun of (if you don’t believe me, find someone who works in CS and ask them about the emails/calls they receive and laugh at). Thankfully, I have never called the 1-800 numbers on the back of candy bars and other junk foods because I am “not completely satisfied with this product.” If I ever do that, then I will admit that I am quite a lame and pathetic individual. Until then, I am just someone who is trying not to smell like their mom.
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