Tuesday, July 12, 2005

To Upper Management Employers…

On the radio this morning, there was a brief report about employees’ productivity in the workplace. Apparently, AOL employees in VA were the most inefficient and spent the most time goofing off during the workday. But on average, people “waste” 2 hours everyday in their job and that does NOT include lunch.

Yup, that sounds about right. But a “waste” of 2 hours? I would hardly call it a waste of time. Maybe from the employer’s perspective it is, but to the employees, it is a way to recharge, regain focus, and blow off the steam of monotony. I know for a fact that no one works every minute of every day consistently (especially not the employers). There may be a day, week, or month of that strenuous work during crunch times, but it is not a constant. The last time I checked, we are not freaking machines or monkeys (the top boss thinks he can hire monkeys to push buttons in SPSS…ha!). If we were, we would break free and destroy our oppressors, and then employ some other helpless entity to do our dirty work (the cycle of dominance is fueled by laziness). So really, 2 hours a day is worth the “sacrifice” to never have to deal with pencils penetrating your ear, phone cords stifling your windpipe, or computer cables probing your innards. Right?

All upper management employers should consider themselves lucky.
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