Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I miss having summer vacations (i.e., having three months to do whatever the fuck you wanted to and sleeping in until 5 p.m. everyday). Summer does not hold the same meaning for me as it used to. The only “vacations” I have to look forward to are the holidays that the federal government acknowledges, or the time I accrue from slaving 9 to 5 every week. I just came off a three-day weekend, and although nice, was too short. I should have taken off last Friday or today as so many other people did. Must think ahead next time. Too bad the next vacation/day off to look forward to is Labor Day in September. So far away…

Mandatory siestas would be nice and make things somewhat tolerable. Or making the workweek only four days instead of five. But no…things are pretty rigid in my corporate world. Technically, I could work from home, which would save time commuting (takes 45 minutes to go six miles one way). But for some reason I must grace the work place with my presence and kill my car in the process (stop-and-go movement is never good for cars).

It’s going to be a long short week.
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