Friday, July 22, 2005

It takes money to make money

The interest for my ING account went up to 3.15%! That’s so much more than my bank ever gave me. I think I earned 0.47% or something crappy like that. I really like my ING account because I forget about it half the time, and the money in there keeps growing and growing. Plus, there is so much to save for (e.g., a residence, wedding, emergencies, the future, etc.), and security in having savings. So if anyone is interested in opening an ING account, let me know and I can refer you. By going through me, you get a 25-dollar opening bonus (free money = good), which is more “interest” than you probably earn all year with a conventional bank. Oh, and it is very secure and FDIC insured, so you can sleep easy at nights.

Now…if only I can figure out a way to win the lottery, I will be set (note: I am not greedy, I just want to be comfortable). Early retirement would be nice (…how sad, I haven’t been in the “real world” that long and I already am looking forward to retirement!) or at least, having the luxury to do what you want when you want to.

Sigh…another day in the life of a corporate slave/whore/peon.
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