Monday, July 25, 2005

Is it natural to not be able to breathe outside?

That is something that floated through my mind as I was walking outside today. The morning news was not kidding when they issued a “heat advisory warning” for my area. People who do not live around here find it weird that we have “bad air days” in which you should only be outside if you HAVE to. If this insane heat and humidity gets worse every year, I do not want to imagine how it will be next year.

I know it is not just me because a co-worker recently concluded that the weather here is like being in “a rainforest” as well as “unbearable” (the latter statement is amusing considering she moved here from New Mexico). I felt the rainforest atmosphere when I took my dog for a walk in the woods over the weekend. The heat and moisture coupled with the birds and other wild animals scampering about did make the rainforest statement ring true. I usually do not sweat that much, so the fact that I had to take a shower when I got home after a ten minute walk is pretty bad. I also discovered that my ass sweats.

Learn something new everyday.
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