Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Captain’s log: It appears to be contagious…

I used to make fun of MKD being a freak magnet. Wherever we go, she gets approached by the weirdest people and has the strangest encounters. I have lived in this area for most of my life and have not had any of these things happen to me. I attributed it to her being from the country and that us city folk could sense and prey on that innocence.

But lately, I have noticed MKD’s magnetism rubbing off on me. My “Don’t fuck with me” attitude is no longer having the same effect, and instead I must be exuding, “Come stalk me!”

Case in point…

This morning while taxiing around the airport, some nasty guy driving a shuttle van called out to me. My windows were down and the speed limit was 15 mph around the terminals, so the elements were conducive to an interaction. He then proceeded to make kissing noises and other lewd remarks.

This is not the first time I have been hit on while in the car. Not too long ago, some guy in a van asked me if I was his “baby mama” while we were at a stoplight. When I replied, “No,” he then followed up with, “Do you wanna be?” Worst pick up line ever. It also did not help that I was stuck in rush hour traffic and couldn’t speed away easily.

I usually do not frequent McDonald’s, but the times that I have, a person working there takes a liking to me. The most notable was this guy in the drive thru window who abandoned his post to come out and talk to me. MKD was in the car, and I told him that she and I were together. That did not deter him and he still insisted on getting my number. When I tried to leave, the car was thrown into N(eutral) instead of D(rive).

The list goes on and on. But the most amusing one worth mentioning is when this guy kept bothering me to pose/model for him in a BDSM clothing catalog. That is something that would have made my parents proud.

So thanks, MKD, thanks. I am a beacon to the freaks.

I really miss my unapproachableness.
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