Thursday, July 28, 2005

At first if you don’t succeed…

My gf’s boob is posted on the Internet. The weird thing is that I am not bothered by it since she shows her boobs to anyone who is interested in seeing one of the (many) piercings (look carefully at the picture if you do not believe me). Besides, she has some of the greatest breasts I have ever seen (yes, I am a boob person, who knew?!). Interestingly enough, the unique hits on her counter have exceeded their usual averages as a result. I think people have been googling “boob” or some variation there of, and stumbled upon her blog absentmindedly. Hence, more hits to her site (she and I are highly competitive and she gets really annoyed when I get more hits to my blog). If her recognition on DC blogs was not enough, she had to underhandedly post a picture of her breast!

So MKD, you think you have won the ongoing competition and have more people visiting your blog. But I am not going down without a fight! I will post a picture of my “hot, Asian pussy” (haha…google that!) and get more hits than you because Asians are the “in” thing :) So here is the picture…enjoy!

Can’t see anything? That’s weird. I totally took the picture in the dark and didn’t use the flash. Look closely. I am there naked, honest.
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