Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The reason for my hiatus was…

I was in Hawaii! Pretty damn good excuse if you ask me. I resisted the urge to go online and check my email and blog while I was there even though there were computer kiosks all over the place. Now, I am getting acclimated to being home and sitting in front of the computer all day instead of being on a beach.

The trip was great. The only crap thing was the long ass plane ride out there. We went from here to Cincinnati, which was about an hour and a half. Then from Cincinnati to Honolulu, which was nine and a half hours. My gf and I hated being on a plane that long, but we somehow endured it. After the third movie, you begin to go out of your skull some.

I got to see a lot of extended family that I haven’t seen in eight years (I was born there but moved to MD when I was two). It was strange to see how much older people looked and how much has changed. I also got to meet my cousin’s son for the first time. He is super adorable and a hyper 4-year old.

It was great taking a vacation, but it is nice being home. I have a lot more to say about our trip, good stories and sad ones, but they will have to be disclosed later in the week. I have work to catch up on and entropy to fix. At least I didn’t have to get on a plane the next day to Atlanta for a 10-day business trip like MKD. My poor gf...she is not going to want to ride another plane for a long time and will be missed terribly. At least she only got a mild sunburn/sun poisoning in HI. White people and a tropical island are not a good combination. We tried to protect her sensitive "17th century chic" skin with SPF 48 applied every hour, but the sun’s rays prevailed.

Ugh...jet lag. Hawaii is six hours behind us. Getting my schedule and internal clock back on track should be fun.
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