Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Personal Comparisons

I don’t know which is more pathetic: The fact that the only thing hanging on my office wall is a giant correlation matrix, or the fact that I enjoyed making it.

Dorkdom established. Now onto other work foo…

There’s a good chance that I will be taking an online course and other workshops to learn more crap about complicated statistics for work. Not because I am inept, but because I am not a statistician and they are trying to make me into one, yet not pay me the corresponding salary. Bastards. The good news is that the company will pay for it. The bad news is that I will have extra work.

My gf told me when I started working here to not be too efficient and to not work too hard. Once you establish competency and a high standard, people crap all over you and take advantage of your work ethic and capabilities. I really should have listened to her. It is sad how things operate in businesses and corporations. Therefore for my sanity, I bitch.

Recently, someone in my company got demoted in which they gave her fewer responsibilities. They did not change her title or lower her salary or benefits. All they did was move her office closer to the big boss. So what does that tell the other employees? Let’s see…if we slack off, we will get our office moved, have little to no responsibilities, and get paid the same for whatever title we hold. Tempting…

but no. Stupid conscience.
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