Thursday, May 19, 2005

I need a vacation from my vacation

My schedule is still way off. I made the mistake of falling asleep when I got home from work yesterday, which is why it took me until 3 a.m. to fall asleep later that night. Along with my messed up sleeping hours, I also need to get my digestive system back on track. I had developed some sort of dysentery the last couple of days during our trip (my gf had the opposite problem) and consumed massive amounts of stomach aiding products. Now, I think my stomach is rebounding and producing more acid than usual, thus making me feel abnormal still. Need to find that balance.

On a lighter note, I did promise to blog about the events from my trip to Hawaii. As stated before, the journey was long and arduous, but we were rewarded for it when we went to pick up the rental car and got upgraded to a convertible. Even though we had a car, we didn’t get to do as many touristy things as we would have liked to. We did get to go to the Honolulu Zoo, which has more birds than any other animal. So if you’re a bird lover, this zoo is definitely the place to hit and be sure to check out the bird sanctuary. Other than the zoo, we did some shopping and found most of the things our friends and family back home requested. Instead of lugging back all our loot, we mailed a large box to ourselves. So if you are waiting for your booty, it is coming by the end of this week.

We did hit a decent amount of beaches. We would walk across the street to get to Waikiki and did that quite frequently to watch the sunset and musical entertainers. We drove out to the east shore of Oahu and found Waimanalo beach, which was extremely calm and not crowded. Since neither of us are strong swimmers, we avoided the beaches with surfable waves and stuck with the beaches that are more like expansive swimming pools. Another great beach we went to was Lanikai. It was hard to find, but definitely worth it. But our favorite beach area was Hanauma Bay, where we rented snorkels and swam with the tropical fish on the large coral reef. I love how blue and clear the water is there. I hate going to the beaches here on the east coast mainland because the water is brown and murky.

The food was wonderful and I forgot how much I missed it. We had lau lau and poi at my grandparents’ house, and lots of sushi (which my gf is more into even though I am the Asian one) other nights. But the best was when we stopped at a local shack on the side of the road with the menu hand-painted on the building. We had a lunch plate with shredded kahlua pig, rice, and macaroni salad, with strawberry shave ice for dessert. People in Hawaii love their food, give generous portions, and eat a lot. It’s a good thing MKD and I don’t live in Hawaii or we would be 400 pounds.

The rest of the time was spent with my extended family (another blog to come). Since MKD and I didn’t get to do a lot of things that we wanted to due to lack of time and/or energy, it helps us plan our next trip there, that is, if I can get her back on another plane.
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