Thursday, April 21, 2005

A visit from the Cookie Fairy

I bought these bags of Mini Rainbow Chips Deluxe Cookies by Keebler for lunches that I bring to work. They are pretty good—similar to Famous Amos cookies but with M&M coloring chocolate chips. Just so you know, I am not 12; I just like having something sweet after I eat my main lunch. Besides, you can buy a box of a dozen packages in the grocery store for like five bucks.

As everyone knows, companies sell things by weight. Usually, I think I am getting less than what I am supposed to in the packaged food products I buy (especially chips), but today I was rudely awakened. When I went to open the bag, I noticed that the bag was filled to the brim with cookies. This was very strange since I was expecting 7-9 cookies. This bag definitely had more than double. So I did what any dork would do…I went into the mailroom and weighted the bag. It was supposed to be 1.4 ounces, but this bag weighed a little over 3 ounces!

Anyway, the point of this rant is to show that when companies sell things by weight, they lie!
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