Monday, April 11, 2005

Must be a Monday thing…

in which I blog. Really it is denial that another work week has begun.

I spent a good portion of this weekend watching season 2 of Alias instead of catching up on sleep. I think I might need a bit of a break or watch fewer episodes consecutively in one sitting. I know I have taken things to a scary place when I walk through the woods with my dog as quietly as possible, pretending to be some sort of spy/agent. To top it off, I had my trusty Benchmade blade and my cell…you can never be too careful near a murder capitol. But yet, I still attracted some freaky old guy on a bike. Good thing my dog is sooo vicious and went up to him to be pet and loved. 19 lbs., brown and white, and not a mean bone in her body. Did I mention she thinks she’s a cat? (my gf and I have categorized it as, SID = Species Identity Disorder, not to be confused with SIDS = Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Cute and lovable, but not the best protection, so I had to be prepared.

But it was really nice getting outside with the great weather we have been having. It all made me realize I really want a hammock. But first, I think it would be more appropriate to want my own yard with some trees to tie the hammock to. Or I could invest in a self-standing hammock to accommodate apartment living better. I have also seen hammock swings (MKD’s aunt has one), but they seem more kinky than relaxing.
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