Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You can't blame it on Diffusion of Responsibility

The next time you manage to barely catch the elevator when the person inside did NOT make an effort to hold it, just say, “Thank you,” when you get in. The look you receive in return is quite fascinating.

Ah, the social scientist emerges.

Now on to a completely unrelated topic…
Tori Amos will be in town for a book signing tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. at Barnes and Noble in Georgetown. I have already purchased her book, but have not read it yet like I planned. I want to go, but knowing how freaking PSYCHOTIC Tori fans are, I am kind of scared to attempt. I imagine there will be a line around the block, and I will probably be waiting for at least 5 hours. Oh, and it’s supposed to rain.

I also got Tori’s new CD, which is so awesome btw. I have not been happy with the last couple of albums, but this one finally broke the streak. It’s a nice blend of her old sound with the piano, and her new sound with the band. I highly recommend it. Oh, and listen to it with headphones. Loud.

I was going to go to her concert in April, but as said before, Tori fans are PSYCHOTIC and tickets were sold out in like 10 minutes. They usually announce a second show, but it is not looking promising this year. At least I can rest assured that every tour comes in this area because it is her hometown.

I believe that over the past 11 years of being a devoted fan has altered my brain in which there are special neurotransmitters that fire into Tori receptors that resonate nothing but happiness. Good stuff.
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