Monday, March 14, 2005

My real first post

I started off as a contributor to Sarcastic and Cynical. I managed to post one blog, my first ever. Then she kicked me off. Apparently, I was not meeting her quota of posts and/or comments. So I begin anew on my own. But in case you are curious, I will copy my first post here instead. So there, MKD! I don't need your hot pink blog. So much for being a "nurturer."

From February 4, 2005...
Atypical workday
Just for the record, this is my first blog EVER. Prior to this moment, I was a blog virgin. I never tried out any type of online journal or random thought list or whatever, even though many of my friends have encouraged it. See, I am really bad at keeping in touch, so my friends thought if I had one of these things then they could know what was going on in my life even though they hadn't seen or heard from me. But it's not just my friends that I am bad with keeping in touch with. My mom used to make me call once a month when I was away at college so she could rest assured that I was still alive.

Anywho...on with the topic of this rant. I wore jeans today. Granted, it is Friday and people generally associate this day with "casual" attire day. But not at my office. There are no "casual" days here. My GF has the luxury of wearing jeans everyday (a perk of working in the non-profit sector), and I was hoping for a laid back environment like hers. Hope was thrown out the window when I started here, and I felt like a kid who found out that Santa Claus is not real or some lame analogy like that. Pure utter disappointment because I really like being comfortable and wearing jeans. But no, I am a "grown-up" and have a "real-world" job in "corporate" America (attack of the air quotes!). But after working here for 10 months and the atrophy has sunk in, I find that I could care less about the bullshit office politics. Hence my wearing jeans to work and facing an uptight, micromanaging boss. But I suppose many people have a boss like in the "Dilbert" comic strip and can relate in some sense to what I am saying. I never realized just HOW funny that comic was until I started working full-time after grad school.

The workday became more interesting when I went downstairs to the newsstand in our building for a drink. While I was in there, I noticed that porn magazines are available along with porn DVDs!!! It just made me think of a news broadcast last night (I don't enjoy watching the news, my GF does, which I find a bit weird. She's some sort of news junkie) about computers in the workplace. A big problem is not employees checking their personal email, or writing blogs, or just surfing the is downloading porn! So I guess this newsstand is fighting the issue of conserving bandwidth by making pornographic material readily available with no downloading needed. Brilliant!

The radiant "V" on my forehead from the monitor glow has disappeared. I am a virgin no more and I do feel a little different.
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